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Who are we?

We have been hosting Super Bowl Football parties for many years, and have been playing this game during all of those gatherings. Our guests have fun, and the parties have become the stuff of legend.

The RDF™ game has made our parties much more exciting. It is amazing to see die-hard fans root against their team just to win this game. And our friends look forward to the party, partly for the football game, but largely for the RDF™ game. And it is true that RDF™ can make any football game more exciting. Even a blowout continues to attract your attention, because as long as big plays occur, you'll have an RDF™ winner.

After playing this game for so many years, it seemed inevitable that we'd want to spread the word. And if it helps subsidize our party habit, so much the better. Plus, the design, production, and marketing aspects are a challenge, learned skills that can pay off in other areas - like our real jobs.


We are in the process of gathering feedback from a small group of test market volunteers.

Once we finalize our designs and hammer out our business plan, we'll reach out for funding help via one of the tried and true crowd funding sources.

Stay tuned

Keep tabs on this site for updates, or send us your info via our Contact Page. We'll keep you in the loop.