Even if you’re not watching a game you can still play Real Deal Football.

Here's how:

  • Find the 6 Wild Cards, remove from the deck, and set aside.
  • Divide the deck into the two teams (Black and White).
  • Remove the double-border cards (5 per team).
  • Each player takes one team deck.
  • Shuffle the Wild Cards and deal 3 to each team.
  • Add the 3 Wild Cards to each team deck, shuffle, and deal four cards face down to your team.
  • Place the remaining cards face down as a draw pile.
  • Pick up four dealt cards. Flip a coin to see who plays Offense first.
  • Offense plays one card face up to try and score (Lead Card).
  • Defense counters with one card face up to keep Offense from scoring. If a Wild Card is played, Offense maintains possession and tries again.
  • IF Defense stops the score: Change of Possession. Roles reverse.
  • IF Defense cannot counter then discard. Offense scores.
  • IF Offense has no offensive play, then punt by discarding.
  • Team with most points at the end of 4 quarters wins!

Wild Cards

find them

each team will get three










into two teams










double border cards