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Our CLASSIC Super Party Card Game that makes every televised football game more exciting from start to finish, giving players a stake in events as the contest unfolds.

Play while watching a televised football game:

  • Shuffle all cards for both teams together.
  • Choose which color card will represent which team.
  • Deal an equal amount of cards to each player (4-16 players).
  • If a card matches a team's event during the game you win the number of points on the card.
  • OR: Each player antes a chip or money, and the player(s) holding the matching team's event card wins the whole pot.
  • Collect all cards, reshuffle, and deal the cards for the next hand.
  • Re-ante if necessary.
  • Player with the most points at end of the quarter, half, or game wins.

These are the events to watch for during the football game:

  • SCORING PLAYS (Touchdowns, Field Goals, Safeties)
  • TURNOVERS (Fumbles, Interceptions)
  • RED FLAGS (Coach's Challenge)

Some of the penalties and some plays that lose yardage are Wild Cards that can score points too! Check your cards as you watch the game.